My name is Penny Pincher, yes, really. Please refresh the page and/or try again. Many companies are willing to take $10-$20 off your bill every month to keep you as a customer. I have been an author, content developer and professional blogger for 5 years. Portion it a little less than you normally would (3/4 lb. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page. About Us. See my post about, If you want to buy Blu-Rays, DVDs, books, CDs for your collection, then buy them at thrift stores, used DVD stores or Amazon (many popular media items go for one penny + shipping on Amazon), Try buying clothes second hand from online websites like, Buy things out of season (e.g. If it is £250 per year, then budget £5 per week and when that bill becomes due, you will have the money in your accountContinue reading “Budgeting Part 2”, Penny Pincher’s top tips for budgeting. Sound good thank you love to save money on a fixed income. My name is Al, I'm a frugal blogger, and this is my personal blog, sharing my hints, tips, and general information, on ways to make and save a little extra money, by becoming a little more frugal, and thinking outside the box. Depending on how many you need, you may be able to buy in bulk online for a discount as well. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Cook with frugal foods (e.g. Take it one step at the time . Write down exactly how much money you have coming in per month. Filed Under: Frugal Living Tagged With: save money, I Love it.thanks i share with all my friends, Wow! Travel Must Haves. All your recipes look yummy and seem easy to make. Perform regular air conditioning maintenance, Drain your water heater once a year to prevent buildup of sediment on the heating coil, Use a space heater instead of the furnace when possible, Use ceiling fans in summer and reverse their direction in winter time to keep warm air circulating, Keep drapes and blinds shut during the day to block out sun, Turn off the water when you aren’t using it (e.g. I utilize a strict criteria to make selections (reviews, number of social shares, comments, authorship, etc.). I am the CEO of Prudent Penny Pincher. Subscribe. This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. We picked one up for five bucks at a yard sale, sterilized it, and use it to make our own ground meats. 100 Healthy Instant Pot Recipes. Divide your meat into portions when you buy in bulk. Check for special deals or mistake fares with websites like, Try home remedies before buying medications, Get over the counter medications at Dollar Tree, Get contact lens from taco and chili seasoning), Don’t buy individual portioned foods like cheese sticks, yogurt or small bags of chips, Check out your local salvage grocery store, Shop the clearance aisles in the grocery store, Eat breakfast so you won’t overeat at lunch. Prudent Penny Pincher was founded in 2016 and receives millions of page views a month. As well as being more parsimonious with my money, this whole process is also about being an all-around better person. At 25, I am at my peak, but my physique is yet to catch up. chili, bean soup, beans and rice). , Your email address will not be published. Can I Get A Refund If A Concert/Event Is cancelled? Kimberly has a great eye for combining clothing and is relatable to women of all ages. I use bars of soap; olive oil soap is nice, readily available and cheap.Continue reading “Penny Pincher’s bathroom”. Then tightly fold your fabric, one sideContinue reading “Patchwork hexi-cushion”, Try not to sign up for monthly payments. For special events, go to a beauty school to have your makeup done for free or cheap. Cling film / wrap Microwave dinners and processed food. It was about time that I lived up to my god-given vocation. Use borax for pest control, stain removing, and cleaning. The other problem is that classes are always sooooo full, and I can certainly not afford a personal trainer, so I end up going on the treadmill for 20 minutes then leave feeling deceptively satisfied. All Rights Reserved. Prudent Penny Pincher is NOT accepting guest posts or sponsored posts at this time. Design by High Note Designs, LLC. If you would like to keep in touch, I can be reached on social media or through the contact form below. Turn lights off when you’re not in the room, If you have credit cards, try to negotiate interest rates. Blend up over ripe bananas. Try to budget for bigger bills, like car insurance. After I graduated with my degrees, I struggled to find a job in my field and debt was piling up. My tip is to cut the largerContinue reading “How to make strawberry jam”, First cut out paper templates for your hexagons, these are 3.5 inches in diameter. Join My Mailing List. And so I really became Penny Pincher, the penny-pincher! Feel free to look for some inspiration on my Instagram @selfsuficientliving. Instead of going out for dinner, eat at home and just go out for dessert, Take the survey at the bottom of your receipt to receive free food, Go out for lunch or during happy hour instead of dinner. Some of the DIY topics this blog covers include home decor, organization projects, and gardening. Prudent Penny Pincher explores ways to save money on everyday life with a particular focus on recipes, DIY, and crafts while sharing helpful frugal tips along the way. will use again in the future. Don’t automatically throw out food that is past its best buy date. in Library and Information Science. If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unfit, per se. Use less milk in your cereal, coffee and recipes. Tesco Price Matches Aldi On Own Brand Products Boots Joins Tesco By Announcing Data Hack Coronavirus - Will You Be Paid To Self-Isolate? Your email address will not be published. Also…get a meat grinder. Only grocery shop once a week or once a month, Make your own spice blends (e.g. We promise we … Use layaway instead of credit cards; it’s interest free. I pop it in the washing machine whenever it is doing a load. beans, lentils, soups, oats). 150 Things You Can Make Instead of Buying To Save Money, Freeze foods to keep them from getting stale or going bad, Turn your bar of soap into a gallon of liquid soap, Make sure you’re paying a fair price for healthcare, 50 Dollar Store DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas, Use cash back and rebate grocery apps like Checkout 51, Ibotta or Savings Catcher, Build your meal plan off weekly sales on meats, Stretch meat further by adding it to pastas or rice and serving it with veggies, beans, bread, salad or starches. The jar above hadContinue reading “Sprouting”. Use powdered milk instead of regular milk, Make meals from food you already have in your pantry. . brushing teeth, shaving and shampooing), Check for loose roof shingles and secure them with roof cement, Use the microwave instead of the oven when possible, Consider planting trees to shade your home during the summer, Adjust the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees. Use online banking and go paperless. All Rights Reserved. Love this website.Saw numerous helpful ideas in a few minutes. When I am not rounding up the best ways to save money on the internet, I am putting my creativity skills to use by developing new craft projects and recipes. They usually have interest attached and will cost you a lot more overall. HOME. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In true Penny Pincher style, I had a better idea. It’s cheaper, takes only a couple of minutes, and you know exactly what you’re eating. Read More. It will last you a lifetime. If you just try one or two tips, you won’t save much money, but if you apply as many tips as you can, you will save you several thousand dollars a year. Penny Pinching Globetrotter Home. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Since turning 25 a few months ago I decided that enough was enough. Getting ready to retire so am wanting to trim down the budget. Disposable plates / cups / takeaway packaging. Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences!

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