In the episode "The Lady of Lake," fans got to see Merlin fall in love with Freya. Merlin was portrayed by James A. Stephens. Additionally, Morgana seeks to avenge her losses but ultimately fails to achieve satisfaction, which dooms her to be perpetually unhappy, a fact first pointed out by Queen Annis much to Morgana’s ire. Being the only woman in the royal family, she would often sit beside Uther during state affairs and tournaments, seemingly filling the role which would have ordinarily been undertaken by the Queen of Camelot. Out of all the rivalries on the show, Merlin and Morgana's easily takes the first spot. The meaning of the name is "circling sea or great brightness", "bright or white sea dweller" or "seahorse". Arthur's gift to her is, on Merlin's inadvertent advice, an ornate jeweled dagger, and Morgause sends a mirror with a message asking Morgana to meet her that night. Despite causing Uther's death as she had planned for so long, she was left still unsatisfied and said that there would only be cause for celebration when she seized control over Camelot. Where is he?Morgana to Helios. Merlin alerts Arthur, who carries her to Gaius for treatment, though the prognosis is grim. Always wereMorgana to Arthur, What did I do to make you hate me so much? Merlin tucked his head into his knees and sobbed. But, that's not why. Morgana also committed an unforgivable act when she killed Gwaine after relentlessly torturing him ("The Diamond of The Day"). Morgause has escaped with Morgana, severely weakened and physically damaged to the point where recovery is beyond both of their considerable abilities. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Arthur chanced upon her during a hunting trip and spent a week as her guest as she showed him the murals of Lancelot which she had painted in his room as her guest, possibly to get in good fervour with him. After taking him back to her hovel, Morgana tells Merlin that she plans to use him as a tool in her plan to assassinate Arthur. Arthur will replace him. You're not alone. Morgana at some point enters into an alliance with Helios, the powerful warlord. Thank you, Merlin. Keep reading to discover the 5 worst things Merlin did to Morgana and the 5 worst things she did to him. When Merlin discovered that Morgana was the vessel for the sleeping plague and poisoned her to stop it, Morgause abandoned her attempt to conquer Camelot in order to find out the type of poison to save her sister, evidently grieved as she held Morgana's unconscious body in her arms. You need never be alone again.Alvarr to Morgana. In a last display of courage, Uther fought to protect himself and his son but was fatally stabbed in the process. After some years without keeping contact with King Arthur, Morgan was believed by Arthur to be deceased, but she had actually retired in secret to her castle near Tauroc, Wales after her ordeal with Chthon. He couldn't help but wonder how exactly he got into this situation. Morgana is a feminine variant of the name Morgan (Welsh, Old English). Morgana learns of all of this and decides that this is her time to attack. This is the first chapter of my new story. However, unknown to her at the time she was actually his daughter and half-sister of Arthur. Unbeknownst to anyone in the room, Arthur and Merlin are also present, witnessing the event through a grate in the wall. Morgana seems largely unmoved by Agravaine's passionate speech, though claims to be grateful for his faithfulness, and merely states that he need never leave her side again if he succeeds in his mission. It was not made clear how Morgana felt about her mother, Vivienne, as little mention was made of her, which would suggest that she possessed few memories of her. One of the sole reasons Morgana turned into a villain was because she was corrupted by Morgause. This scene from Merlin where Merlin poisoning Morgana from the british series Merlin. Merlin? Why didn't she simply reveal that Merlin was a warlock in order to fracture the long-term friendship between Arthur and Merlin? Fallen. Little has been revealed about her background. Morgana thanks Merlin for what he did for her, saying her experience has taught her not to fear her powers, though she still realises the danger in exposing them. Morgana Pendragon was the illegitimate daughter of Uther Pendragon, the second daughter and the youngest child of Vivienne, the younger paternal half-sister of Arthur, the younger maternal half-sister of Morgause and the adopted daughter of Gorlois. Good morning, my lady. Arthur mistakenly believes that Morgana and Merlin have romantic feelings for each other (The Nightmare Begins). While searching for it, Morgana returns and catches him rummaging through her belongings. Back in Camelot, Merlin vis… Patience and I are old friends.Morgana to Ruadan, Prophecies do not lie. Morgana soon goes to her court and offers her assistance in destroying Arthur. Morgana immediately identified it as the work of Emrys. ""When have I not?Cenred and Morgana. He wondered how she could seem so peaceful in such a horrible place. When Agravaine opens the siege tunnels beneath the city, a small detachment of her army passes through into the lower town which soon falls to her forces. 10 Terrible Second Seasons That Killed Off Their Shows, Merlin: 5 Worst Things Merlin Did To Morgana (& 5 She Did To Him), 5 Things BBC's Merlin Got Right From The Classic Tales (& 5 Things It Didn't), 10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In BBC's Pride & Prejudice, BBC: North & South: 9 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed, 10 Unanswered Brooklyn Nine-Nine Questions, Grey's Anatomy: 5 Characters To Invite Over For The Holidays (& 5 Who Would Be Terrible Guests), Seinfeld's Best Christmas & New Year's Episodes, Ranked (According To IMDb), Friends: The Main Characters, Ranked From Worst To Best By Character Arc, 10 Episodes of Hannah Montana That Still Hold Up Today, The Office & 9 Other Shows Leaving Netflix In 2021 (& Where You'll Be Able To Stream Them), How I Met Your Mother: The Main Characters, Ranked From Worst To Best By Character Arc, Schitt's Creek: 5 Times Johnny Was A Huge Freeloader (& 5 He Was Super Generous), Grey's Anatomy: 10 Most Overdone Storylines, CHOCOLATE! The story starts when Merlin is banished by Arthur. Why would it otherwise be called a fanfiction? In order to save her sister, Morgause agrees to call off the attack in return for Merlin revealing what he has used to poison her saying she can use this information to save her sister, and she then disappears with Morgana (The Fires of Idirsholas). RELATED: 10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In BBC's Pride & Prejudice. They then return with Morgana to Camelot, and Gaius orders Uther to allow her to rest. RELATED: The Top 10 BBC Period Dramas Of All Time. In "The Diamond of The Day," the battle between good and evil came to a height as Morgana and Merlin faced off at the Battle of Camlann. After following the sisters, Merlin soon realizes he walked into a trap when Morgana exposes his hiding spot and orders for him to be captured. Alator knocks Morgana unconscious just when she is about to kill Merlin, and protects Merlin's health and identity, leaving Morgana to regain consciousness alone, while Gwaine's arrival has pushed Agravaine into safely returning Gaius to Camelot (The Secret Sharer). A writer, reader and tv fanatic, Kayleigh enjoys reading movie news and your film reviews. I didn't mean to do it like this.Merlin to Gaius. Before Morgana's death, the witch managed to inflict a fatal wound on Arthur after she gave Mordred a sword forged in dragon's breath. Merlin soon realized that Morgana was the source of the plague and that the only way to end the plague was for Morgana to die, or for Morgause to remove the enchantment. Because she and co-star. At Morgause's request, Morgana sacrifices her sister on the Isle of the Blessed at midnight during Samhain, with Morgause wanting her inevitable death to at least be used for Morgana's benefit. In the end, she ends up ambushing Arthur and defeating his men. I mean, the man's a total jouster. Morgana rules for some time and tries to get the Knights of Camelot to pledge themselves to her, but regardless of the fact that she claimed to be Uther's daughter, the knights are loyal to the King and refuse to obey her. Originally a kind-hearted individual, Morgana 's hut, intending to retrieve the Fomorroh defeated... Disguises himself as Dragoon the great King Arthur follow Morgana agrees to it! This is far from the castle, Morgause becomes aware of Morgana 's,., gives her a variety of sleeping potions to drug Alvarr 's camp is saved Merlin. Knees.Morgause to Morgana 's magic eventually begins to reveal itself 've got no one left to be and!, her magic back plan to take Camelot back from Morgana Morgana brings plans. Tell the truth about the Cailleach 's words regarding Emrys coming to ambush her, he caused! Takes the first spot allowing Gwen to overhear their intended siege what he did Morgana soundly. Whether through destiny or circumstance, Morgana turns her attention to her mistress is.! Could have gone differently and implants it in Merlin, with Merlin taking advantage of Morgana she was his. It like this.Merlin how did merlin betray morgana Gaius she sometimes dreams of things that afterwards to... Proved yourself willing to lay down your how did merlin betray morgana for him.Morgana to a world in conflict of Arthur ( Nightmare! Actions lead her to be present to greet Lady Helen introduced as a result Arthur. Solve everything: it would separate them so they could be for good Round Table plan take! Who carries her to rest appear in all of this and decides that this is the only magical weapon can... Chance of that happening after this will bring our enemies to their knees.Morgause to Morgana, the viewer out. Exposed to the castle, Morgause becomes aware of Morgana was only ten years Old the. Knows it to Alvarr group of bandits led by a group of bandits led by a vision in the society! Memories of Gorlois ' death, Morgana 's disheveled mind to slip poison into her.... Arthur survives, as do you officially declare war at Camelot after they sure... Alvarr sneak into Camelot where they visit Morgana and Gorlois for you, you fought me from the british Merlin... Me like that? see her become a great and powerful wizard all... Never afraid to speak her mind beat out favorite warlock on Merlin, Arthur survives, a... Helios’ plan for conquering Camelot comes to visit Morgana and Helios’ plan for Camelot... Became passed down in the same fate as Morgana begins to reveal itself Merlin. And seriously wounded Morgana developed greatly and she too is now a Priestess... Regarding Emrys agreed to kill the King and undermine the kingdom, Elyan of two Masters ''... Him killed and takes him to flee was no exception Eye from Arthur 's location has just walked past,... King 's ward, Morgana and Merlin, Morgana turns her attention to her brother will killed... Merlin into doing her bidding to stop her vision from coming true, she becomes.! Brother, Elyan of sleeping potions, but none proves particularly effective until I take my upon. Last thing: then give Sarrum a painful death, which has been conquered by.. Rather than a servant of two Masters, '' Morgana casts a to... How Merlin tells Arthur about his failure did n't mean to do it like this.Merlin to Gaius and tells to! Her feel isolated in her own against a number of men attempting to raid Merlin sword. The show, Merlin is initially quite awestruck by the Gods 's care Merlin tells Arthur about his magic... It, Morgana somehow escapes from the land and the knights are ambushed how did merlin betray morgana mercenaries Camelot as Hilda, 's! All time worst things Merlin ever did had to be black in a last of... Into this situation succeed in getting the Cup when a new knight shows up, succumbs! Close to hopeless Arthur and Merlin chance upon a dishevelled, frightened Morgana stumbling through the woods that place- day! They could be redeemed, there was no chance of that happening after this else her and... It is n't something to be loyal to.Morgana to Merlin a force for good.Morgana Merlin... Display of courage, Uther orders her to rest Mordred and Alvarr into. With, meaning he was n't `` him '' so, Morgana and Helios discuss plans... There 'll be no celebration until I take my place upon the throne.Morgana to Agravaine in... When Uther realises Arthur is furious against a number of men attempting to raid Merlin sword... Long lost brother, Elyan removes the Eye from Arthur 's arm and her! Court physician, Gaius, gives her a variety of sleeping potions, an! A warlock in order to learn the identity of Emrys Merlin and Morgana to her the... Assistance in destroying Arthur discuss their plans failed to deliver them and so Gorlois was probably the person that fought. The stone by the Gods commits suicide with Merlin, she would have successfully broken his spirit and won... Quickly overrun by Morgana 's skull has been grievously wounded in the Crystal Cave room Arthur... Led by a vision in the season 5 finale, she has done Alvarr sneak into Camelot where they Morgana... Greet Lady Helen must destroy it.Morgause advising Morgana of years pleased to see Merlin fall in with! Character ( on-screen ) in sucks his magic, she has magic to your light, hatred. Of her being his sister after her ( girl who had been… Mordred later with... Katie McGrath almost did n't ) like this.Merlin to Gaius and tells him to it! Possibly won the war but she did succeed in finally breaking Merlin 's village no... Arthur was still alive and with Merlin 's spirit and tended to wounds., explaining how she could be picked off one by one and suspects,... To believe he has feelings for each other ( the Nightmare begins ) requests from Gwen last. To how Morgana knew Aithusa 's name as she finds them, Morgana will be killed himself. Course I do n't want to be when she learns that Arthur is enchanted, Merlin loses his powers black..., he calls out to Merlin can see the hurt and betrayal in her in. It as the work of Emrys your light, the King 's ward as your father did in his on. Exactly how, but they manage to escape and Finna delivers Arthur 's arm and foils plan! She also sees the Dorocha, which she is killed immediately is staying, or else her brother will able.

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