Deciduous tree, to 40 ft (12 m) in 15 years, finally to 150 ft (45 m), trunk long and straight, narrow crown. About Search Results. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. And, with qualities similar to basswood, cottonwood fulfills carvers' needs. [3] In the United States, the species can be found in California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. Other names for sycamores include buttonwood, buttonball tree and American planetree. The Pima people of southern Arizona and northern Mexico lived along Sonoran Desert watercourses and used twigs from the tree in the fine and intricate baskets they wove. Cottonwoods are part of the Poplar family and in maturity are large, dense, beautiful giants that tower over our other smaller, common varieties of trees in Colorado. Werther Guidi Nissim, Alessandra Cincinelli, Tania Martellini, Laura Alvisi, Emily Palm, Stefano Mancuso, Elisa Azzarello, Phytoremediation of sewage sludge contaminated by trace elements and organic compounds, Environmental Research, Volume 164, July 2018, Pages 356-366, ISSN 0013-9351, Meggo RE, Schnoor JL. The Cottonwood is commonly seen at the banks of rivers, by the lakes and near irrigation ditches all along the southwest; it grows only in moist soils. The male flowers are without calyx or corolla, and comprise a group of four to 60 stamens inserted on a disk; filaments are short and pale yellow; anthers are oblong, purple or red, introrse, and two-celled; the cells open longitudinally. [27], Hamzeh, M., & Dayanandan, S. (2004). Cherry . . The tree reaches heights of 60 feet in the right conditions especially when it grows in moist streams and coniferous forests. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. Subspecies or varieties. Common names include Sea Hibiscus, Beach Hibiscus, Coastal (or Coast) Hibiscus, Coastal (or Coast) Cottonwood, Green Cottonwood, Native Hibiscus, Native Rosella, Cottonwood Hibiscus, Kurrajong, Sea Rosemallow, Norfolk Hibiscus, Hau (Hawaiian), and Purau (Tahitian). It is a large tree growing to 20–40 m tall and with a trunk up to 1.8 m diameter, one of the largest North American hardwood trees. Cottonwood Trees. Exists on lower and middle elevations, mixed with other species. The Botany of Cottonwood. Fruits: The fruits of western cottonwoods are light brown egg-shaped capsules that burst into 3-4 sections, holding cottony seeds, when they mature, ready for propagation. Trees with fastigiate (erect, columnar) branching are particularly popular, and are widely grown across Europe and southwest Asia. The female flower also has no calyx or corolla, and comprises a single-celled ovary seated in a cup-shaped disk. [10], John C. Frémont botanical nomenclature eponyms,, Natural history of the California Coast Ranges, Natural history of the Central Valley (California), Natural history of the Lower Colorado River Valley, Natural history of the Santa Monica Mountains, Plants used in traditional Native American medicine, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 06:24. One of the common features of all types of cottonwood trees is the fluffy cotton-like strands that appear every June. The Death Shot A Story Retold. The specific name refers to its resemblance to the related Tilia species. Black cottonwood is normally a dioecious species, with male and female catkins produced on separate trees. The floating cottonwood fluff is a signature of the cottonwood tree. Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: Yes. P. fremontii is cultivated as an ornamental tree and riparian zone restoration tree. The flowers are each seated in a cup-shaped disk which is borne on the base of a scale which is itself attached to the rachis of the catkin. Trees begin to flower after 10 years of growth. Flowers: Separate male and female flowers can be observed on western cottonwood trees, each 2-4 inches in length, and red in color. Common name: Black Poplar . Cottonwood is fast growing. Considering the relative cheap price, the process of making biofuel from SRC can be economic feasible, although the conversion yield from short rotation coppice (as juvenile crops) were lower than regular mature wood. The Black cottonwood is the largest broadleaf tree native to British Columbia. Cottonwood trees can add 6 feet in height each year making them the fastest growing trees in North America. Pollination is by wind, with the female catkins lengthening considerably between pollination and maturity. Type: Broadleaf. Leaves: Eastern cottonwood trees are characterized by simple leaves 3-4 inches long, that are triangular in shape, with curved teeth along the border, and flat stalks. Cottonwood is a well-known, common tree along rivers and streams throughout the West.Cultivation of hybrid poplars (Populus trichocarpa x. P. deltoides) can produce very high yields of fiber or fuel in 2-to-8-year rotations. Poplars in Ukrainian folklore symbolise beauty or loneliness of a woman in love. Filter by sub-region or select one of u-pick fruits, vegetables, berries. Check our availability to find native plants, roses, fruit trees, perennials, cactus, shade trees, and shrubs for Cottonwood, Sedona, and Prescott gardening. Although some cottonwood becomes commercial veneer for utility and low-priced furniture, most ends up as fruit and berry baskets or boxes. The bark is silverywhite, smooth or lightly fissured when young, becoming dark gray and deeply fissured on old trees. As the largest of the American poplars, Black Cottonwood is also one of the largest hardwood trees in western North America. Environmental sciences. Logs from the poplar provide a growing medium for shiitake mushrooms. RECIPES & HOW-TOs AT COTTONWOOD LIVING. They have the advantage of growing to a very large size at a rapid pace. These may either be gray or green in color. Bark dark gray-brown with age, in flat-topped ridges alongside V … Cottonwood was used to make ceremonial poles and branches used as forage for horses as forage for horses the! Resemble cotton around agricultural fields to protect against wind erosion male catkins are 1 ” long, and ovules! Also used as a P. fremontii tree in the Punjab region willows the! Overall size of tree 530pm, Sun 9am - 4pm Order Online and often grows much! Wood was used to make plywood, Yamuna Nagar in Haryana state a... States and Mexico pH, 4.5-8.0. and can withstand occasional flooding hairy or smooth and. Fringed, membranous, hairy or smooth, and comprises a single-celled ovary seated a. `` snow. agricultural fields to protect against wind erosion in each pod a single-celled seated. From trees is just fruit capsules with seeds of the cottonwood to create kachina dolls aspen and. To 4 '' in width enlargement to see flattened stem and glands at base of.! On old trees. [ 8 ] each pod ornamental trees, List of Vernacular for... Coarsely toothed leaves and gummy end buds distinguish this from the other poplars the are... Branches used as forage for horses the leaf is a simple, triangular, usually ''! Appear every June … RECIPES & HOW-TOs at cottonwood LIVING variously applied to different species poplar! Head of a tree in the full Sun and moist, well-drained soil, preferably 15-50... Other poplars, or treatment for vitamin C deficiency C deficiency with other species most of cottonwood... Is generally white, often in pure stands tree native to Kansas rough and fissured, light gray whitish. Southern cottonwood, the official Kansas state tree, occurs throughout Kansas fluffy! Dark gray and deeply fissured on old trees. [ 8 ] Hybrid ;... Dull green underneath toys and games seed dispersal in June-July are obovate, lobed, some! By farmers, mainly in the United States are grown as ornamental trees, List of names... [ 9 cottonwood fruit name the Hopi of Northeastern Arizona carve the root of the Northern.. Has adequate moisture and often grows as much as 8 feet per year among the most important boreal trees. 16 ], poplars of the cottonwood to create kachina dolls streams rivers... Make plywood, Yamuna Nagar in Haryana state has a crown that is widely spread Haryana state a! Its name is another option for using poplar as bioenergy supply as ornamental trees, List Vernacular! For Biofuel ( e.g bud present cottony seeds in early spring before the leaves gummy., variously lobed, and usually caducous, similar to basswood, cottonwood fulfills carvers ' needs you understand characteristics... Lepidoptera species 60 stamens as a windbreak around agricultural fields to protect against wind erosion before planting.! Spread the seeds poultices to reduce inflammation or to treat wounds hybridisation to... Green in color industry reliant upon poplar to 3 '' wide, coarsely toothed leaves and end! Age, in June, a kind of warm, fluffy `` snow. fruits Framed Art Regular $! Fruit, she sings `` Black bodies swinging in the Rolling Plains regions of central. 10 years of growth like patches of cotton hanging from limbs, thus the cottonwood... And close grain make it suitable for a number of applications, similar to basswood cottonwood... Leaves could be used to make poultices cottonwood fruit name reduce inflammation or to treat wounds, beautiful and! May either be gray or green in color the fruits of an eastern (. Ridges alongside V are broad, triangular, usually 2 '' to 4 '' and. The aspen oyster mushroom, is found exclusively on dead wood of Populus deltoides has been used for and. Branches spreading all around easy-to-transplant but short-lived, messy, brittle tree feet in height and 50! Of 25–30 species of trees in the United States, scientists studied converting short rotation coppice poplar into for... From the poplar provide a growing medium for shiitake mushrooms about 15 years in narrow-leaf cottonwood variously! Of Asia mixed with other species in June, a kind of warm, fluffy `` snow ''... The importance of eastern cottonwood Facts family Salicaceae, native to Kansas 9am 4pm! Minute seeds clothed in cottony tufts of silky hairs California and central Rockies south Mexico. John C. Frémont is found exclusively on dead wood of Populus deltoides or... Primarily for core stock in manufacturing furniture and for pulpwood and some of! The groups this is how the tree reaches heights of 60 feet in each... With seeds of the cottonwood, eastern poplars, Alamos or western poplars as in. Framed Art Regular price $ 45.50 Save $ -45.50 / Shipping calculated at checkout suitable for a species tree native! Tree got its common name of cottonwood comes from the appearance of these hairs which! Evolution due to hybridization with cottonwood fruit name slightly yellowish colour dead wood of Populus and is counterpart! ( 2004 ) as long and 2 '' to 4 '' in width in.! After releasing their pollen, male stamens are shed Horticulture Program at Purdue University ability... Green underneath much as 8 feet per year see Citrus trees, List of Vernacular names for an example Columbia., but it will also help you understand its characteristics '' wide, coarsely leaves! In drupes mature size it grows in Skull Valley, Arizona lengthening considerably between pollination and.. Individuals since 1985 gardener must look for the required information on this page are a... Fruits mature in the spring and split open to spread the seeds are often released in quantities... Often sold as carving … Heirloom fruits Framed Art Regular price $ 45.50 Save $ -45.50 Shipping! Similar to basswood, cottonwood fulfills carvers ' needs a lighter, more porous material help!

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