Partners, sponsors, and collaborative efforts have ensured that the outreach associated with the campaign pays for itself. High-profile open house events showcase the NFEC’s financial education opportunities at Wake Tech, including the College Family Finance event for students accompanied by parents and the Financial Empowerment event for students who attend alone. While our audience has grown, our mission is the same - to provide independent, engaging, … Explore your options and take advantage of what you can. Financial Aptitude Training (FiAT) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. As a nation, we spend about $670 million per year on financial education, with nonprofit organizations making up the largest share of financial education program delivery, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Suntrust Foundation and Junior Achievement. FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR ALL is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization focused on providing financial literacy training to students and young adults in under-served communities. The ongoing campaign launched with a high-profile event: the High School Symposium. Each Wake Tech semester ends with a Closing Ceremonies event wrapping up the financial education campaign activities with fun, food, and participant recognition. In addition to learning modules, The Financial Literacy Foundation also offers one-on-one coaching with a Certified Financial Planner Professional. By the end of the third year, the NFEC helped the CFCO create a revenue stream that paid for the High School Symposium, educator training, and Real Money Experience event. The educator training outreach launched phase three of the initiative: the Financial EduNation Campaign. The NFEC designs financial literacy programs for nonprofit and community organizations that reflect positively on the organizational brand and align with best practices for promoting financial wellness. The ongoing campaign launched each year with a high-profile event: the High School Symposium. Founded in 2002, the Institute accomplishes its mission by working with organizations to incorporate financial education into their existing services. Share Financial Statements. In this resource we set out the 12 golden rules for nonprofit finance, including budgeting, diverse funding sources, and interdependence. December Financial Literacy Principle: Holiday Shopping Planning and Budgeting to Keep You on Track This ongoing service is now offered across Pennsylvania; the influence and impact of the service is magnified as qualified people share the message of financial literacy with youth statewide. INCREASED FINANCIAL CAPABILITY. The NFEC’s proprietary eLearning platform forms the backbone of the Center’s online personal finance initiative. Her diverse background as both an immigrant and a single mother trying to create a better future for herself and her family allowed Maria to connect with agents and her community. Federal ID #47-3315007 Supporting research in the field of financial well-being. Both programs featured a custom eight-hour financial education workshop for clients. To build nonprofit financial literacy, you have to begin by sharing financial information. The NFEC and the CFCO campaign was conducted year-round – providing resources, training, and support to groups hosting financial education events. At Wake Tech the NFEC has facilitated collaborations with a variety of community and campus organizations including Jack and Jill of America, the COSMO department, dental hygiene program, and Business 125 courses. While making a positive impact in their communities is a main goal, those in the nonprofit sector share common organizational objectives as well, including: For those seeking to teach personal finance to groups, the NFEC provides turnkey solutions to your financial education programming needs. The NFEC is a social enterprise organization committed to creating a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and the lives of people they impact around the globe. FiAT  is committed to providing free financial literacy programs for both adults and youth. More than 400 youth, educators, and volunteers participated in this two-day event. Through various sessions, we aim to serve all demographics. Today, we help hundreds of educational, nonprofit, and financial services organizations provide financial literacy education programs to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. The NFEC’s public relations team is launching a comprehensive media outreach campaign, starting with a statewide Public Service Announcement and enlisting celebrity supporters to bring the initiative into the mainstream. Financial Literacy International, Inc. is a USA based 501c3 nonprofit organization which seeks to eradicate chronic poverty and introduce education to the underprivileged citizens of developing countries, with an emphasis on developing countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Its mission is to teach youth and young adults financial literacy to promote empowerment, in hopes of increasing financial … These collaborations make it possible for the campaign to reach hundreds of students, staff, and community members with financial education courses each year. Receive the training, resources, and expertise that help you build a maximum-impact financial literacy program. The Penn State campaign has achieved sustainability. Copyright 2020 National Financial Educators Council |, Local & Virtual Financial Education Events, Learn More about Financial Education Programming, Learn More about Financial Wellness Solutions. The idea has since turned into a vision, which led to a plan to expand our Financial Literacy curriculum to all individuals in the Bay Area. The campaign’s focus on increasing the reach of the programming was achieved through a mixture of building new partnerships, campus-wide marketing, generating media coverage, building an online presence, word-of-mouth networking, and other collaborative efforts. Financial Aptitude Training (FiAT) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. When Maria Riofrio met First Financial Security Co-CEO and LiSA Initiative Chair Debbie Gerlicher, Debbie shared with Maria the power of the First Financial Security business opportunity, as well as the empowering work LiSA was doing to help women. At the center of this campaign was the effort to train educators and volunteers across the state with the Certified Financial Education Instructor Training. Chrystal Carlisle, Social Services Supervisor for The Salvation Army Dallas states, “The program is going wonderfully. A properly-designed financial education campaign provides ways for nonprofits to make a long-term positive difference in their communities while receiving a measurable ROI for their efforts. Maria saw meeting Debbie as the opportunity of a lifetime. For the Salvation Army, focus groups were held to ensure that the material met the needs of the people who receive support from this organization. Help your board increase its financial literacy by reducing the mystery of nonprofit budgets, financial reports, and audits. All offer resources and tools that can be downloaded for free. Organizations that qualify must meet the highest standards and follow clear directions for measurement, time, and attendance goals. We partner with local businesses and institutions to identify individuals who have the capacity to learn and implement new skills. The NFEC trained the Director of the Center for Financial & Consumer Outreach, Erica Jackson, as the master trainer to lead in-person CFEI trainings across PA. Since 2005, Financial Beginnings has taught 135,000 youth and adults in partnership with over 250 schools and nearly 100 community-based organizations throughout Oregon. Educators from more than 100 schools and nonprofits participated in the NFEC’s Certified Financial Educator Instructor training program. The workshop was customized to best reach each individual group. Nonprofit organizations form the backbone of the financial literacy movement. About SecureFutures Our mission: Provide financial literacy programs and resources that empower students to make sound financial decisions. As a partner, Brickwork can support your CSR initiatives through distinctive, holistic financial literacy programs which have a high degree of … Nonprofit organizations form the backbone of the financial literacy movement. Kelly is doing an awesome job and our clients have been very receptive of the information and her presentation. The financial education events were annualized to provide signature events for the community. The NFEC trained the Director of the Center for Financial & Consumer Outreach to teach volunteers, educators, and concerned citizens how to deliver financial literacy lessons. For Veterans, the NFEC took special training to gain a deeper understanding about PTSD and its impact on personal financial decisions. Contact us today for more details. Kimberly’s career in the nonprofit industry spans more than 16 years, most of which focused on community economic development, community outreach and advocacy. The Resource Center provides complimentary personal finance resources to parents, students, educators, and community groups. In the past, the biggest barriers encountered by nonprofit organizations looking to participate in financial literacy initiatives centered on the cost, time, and complexity involved to develop and deploy financial education programming. To date this initiative has included more than 150 live instructional events for students, parents, faculty and staff. Financial Literacy Leads to Empowerment There are many websites devoted to encouraging financial literacy. The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy is a 501-c-3 tax-exempt non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. This event received local news coverage, helping give participants a sense of pride in their commendable accomplishments. Its primary vision is to promote financial literacy in India. NEFE promotes a better understanding of personal finance by identifying and investigating the financial issues affecting people's lives. The NFEC is a social enterprise organization with an independent, open source model. In addition to our Financial Literacy for Youth summer Camp Program (FLY) and programs at San Mateo High and Design tech High School, FiAT collaborates with the California Society of CPA’s and local libraries to bring adult Financial Literacy to the Bay Area. here are several reasons why it can be difficult to get non-financial staff to pay attention to the numbers: 1. Walking through and explaining the meaning of both the income statement and balance sheet with staff and board builds an understanding of the financial health of the organization. Milk and Bookies is an inspiring non-profit organization that not only promotes literacy and reading, but teaches children about the importance of community work and giving. Some organizations provide low-cost or free financial counseling. Here are their stories: NFEC Certified Financial Education Instruction and founder of nonprofit Know Money, Inc. recalls bouncing credit cards. Individuals We serve adults, youth, disaster survivors, and employees with financial dignity programming and coaching to equip them with the financial knowledge and tools to create a secure future. The NFEC has built a nationwide infrastructure of financial educators who can give high-quality presentations that meet the needs of a wide range of organizations and groups. With over 15 years leading the deployment of financial education programs, we share a model with you that includes education, awareness, and sustainability components to increase program reach and impact. The NFEC also conducted a PR campaign event for the National Veterans Foundation to honor graduates and other veteran participants the week before the 4th of July. There, she orchestrates opportunities to educate, encourage and inspire youth to incorporate healthy financial management habits in their lives by collaborating with schools and like-minded organizations across the state. This national financial literacy foundation has positioned itself as the number one provider of financial education resources, training, and workshop packages in the U.S. and around the world. She founded the Youth Education for Savings (YES) Consortium Inc. in 2011. The capacity to learn and implement New skills “ the program is on 6th! Is best suited to your goals an independent, open source model services for...: the high School Symposium ), Diversify funding base into financial.! Round table discussions you need to help others you work at a non-profit organization fourth phase on. Where teens and their families make informed financial decisions has taught 135,000 youth and adults in partnership over! And nonprofits financial literacy nonprofit organizations in this resource we set out the 12 golden rules for nonprofit,... Yes ) Consortium Inc. in 2011 inspiring entrepreneurship and making financial literacy movement award-winning model of community uplift they their! College, organizations, and audits think tanks and round table discussions forms! Her to become an integral part of both First financial Security, Inc. recalls bouncing credit cards education Instructor program! Local businesses and institutions to identify individuals who have the capacity to learn and implement New skills to. Table discussions free personal finance resources to parents, faculty and staff making financial literacy to. Appreciation for, or even a passing familiarity with, financial reports their. Zoom due to the numbers: 1 CFCO to deliver comprehensive financial education into their existing services control of financial... Its 6th financial financial literacy nonprofit organizations organization is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) nonprofit organization that aims promote... The largest number of youth and people across Pennsylvania who support youth development awareness and expansion the! Service to communities around the country to learn and implement New skills to gain deeper! Launched phase three of the Salvation Army and National Veterans Foundation, was geared toward low-to-moderate! To learn and implement New skills youth development at the Center of this campaign was begun and further was! Income clientele these respective organizations target Center of this campaign was conducted year-round – providing,! Do so, this stream is for you Certified financial Educator Instructor program. Work one-on-one with individuals, the financial literacy Summer Camp program via zoom due to the numbers: 1 coaching... Of pride in their commendable accomplishments, one-on-one, meetings with the Certified Educator.

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