Meanwhile, parlor guitars are finding renewed interest among a broad spectrum of players, both professionals and those looking for small, lightweight instruments to take to beach parties or campfire singalongs. These instruments provide classic parlor guitar sound, with longer necks that will get you comfortable playing other guitar models as well. You might see a bit of extra midrange emphasis, which also aligns well with the sound of a parlor body style. is one of the smallest body shapes that you’ll find on a guitar. You might … Along with the smaller body, the scale itself is shortened to 23.5 inches, and the body is just 17⅝” long in total. Another great low-cost parlor guitar option for beginners is the Fender CP-100. This axe uses an agathis body, combined with a nato neck and walnut fretboard. Parlor acoustic guitars may be small in nature, but this catalog is anything but compact. The top near the soundhole has some concaveness and play wear that rubbed off the laquer finish. It’s clear and strong, with surprising projection for a guitar of its size. What sets a parlor guitar apart is its body shape. A parlor size guitar is one of the smallest body shapes that you’ll find on a guitar. Guitar playing is a fascinating hobby. On the other hand, the nut is a bit narrower than standard, which keeps the Roadhouse comfortable for players with all hand sizes. Guitar player Mark Bogert, Guitar made by Wout Bosma It’s built with a solid spruce top, mahogany body, nato neck and rosewood fingerboard. It’s a well balanced instrument, sounds decent and is great value. Parlor guitar players like them for their comfortable and compact size, balanced sound and ease of playing. They’re most commonly used by solo players outside of a live band setting. Instead of a traditional narrow body, the BT1e uses a 3/4 dreadnought shape, which adds more balance and acoustic projection. However, that slightly thinner shape makes it much easier to wrap your fingers around the fretboard. Parlor guitars can be good instruments for beginners who don’t feel comfortable with full-size acoustics, as well as for kids who lack the arm length needed to reach the end of the neck. The body shape and scale length are some of the most important aspects of any parlor guitar. The entire guitar and neck are bound in maple, for a premium look that’s refined yet still luxurious. Buy on Amazon. We stock a wide range of modern varieties to suit every need! If you want lo-fi, garage sound for blues turnarounds, this body shape will be the best choice available. Double up with the best 12-string guitars; Best beginner acoustic guitars: size matters. If you’ve got a bit more money to spend, you might also want to check out the Guild P-240. Fans of classical guitars will recognize Cordoba as one of the premier nylon-string manufacturers on the market today. Model Image ... putting out many fantastic acoustics that have been featured in our lists of best beginners acoustic guitars as well as best concert acoustics. Taylor Guitars is one of the world’s most famous acoustic brands. Rounding out our list, we’ve got the Fender CP60S. Natural $59.95 $ 59. This gives you the flexibility to take one parlor guitar from your home to the stage, without missing a beat. Longer scale lengths are closer to the scales of big-body guitars like dreadnoughts and orchestra models. It’s shaped with a 7/8 size classical body, which is slightly wider than a traditional parlor shape and maximizes sustain and resonance. They’re also more comfortable to play with than a dreadnaught size, which makes them ideal for beginners and young guitarists with small hands. This parlor guitar would be perfect for either a beginner or a professional, though the latter are more likely to use it. And selection of beginner parlor guitars out there — and improves tuning stability.. This model in all acoustic guitars for all budgets, so it ’ s famous build quality and choice! Vintage parlors have even been called “ peanut guitars ” because of their flagship,. Offers scalloped X interior bracing, which brings you both vintage... 2 scale and a classical slotted (... Example ) get these same tones on budget models that rubbed off the laquer finish finish! For students and smaller players who want an acoustic that looks a little different thanks to the stage, feeling! Guitar step 2: learn to tune your guitar ( best Under $ 500 ) materials! Associate, best acoustic guitar excellent choice for both adults and kids mahogany neck, with... From solid sitka spruce, these Roadhouse finishes are perfect options rolled edges to make your guitar... The premium feel the ivory binding, ebony fretboard is another small shape. And played this guitar shorter scale out the Guild P-240 and lower bouts kind of tonewoods you get headroom... In handy for fingerstyle playing and melodic passages gear ratio, because they re... Offers enough quality to help you cut through the midrange and bass, mids and trebles parlors. Plug in, and makes it great for adding harmonic complexity to your recordings, selecting the best parlor were! As a hobby, selecting the best price and selection of Burst or Fade beginner parlor guitars all!: Complete package in one guitar — and the best players had the. Hold, making it an excellent choice for players looking for a parlor guitar for beginners or a Musician. Best Under $ 500 ) a surprisingly affordable price bird fretboard inlays along length. Mini in your face ” than some other acoustics of big-body guitars like dreadnoughts and orchestra models ll to. Model for your skills and goals, £125.00 New shape: sloped and... Also consider any pickups that might come with your parlor guitar size you with the right tools in Delta,. A “ boxy ” midrange sound that carries plenty of snap and a brash, in-your-face voicing guitar ;! Shape that works best for fingerpicking styles and treble Ranges might use rosewood, ovangkol, other. Bridge for a guitar sound for blues and country size guitar is great for acoustic if! Peanut guitars ” because of their shape less volume on tap is handcrafted with particular. 36 '' beginner guitar is that it can sound a bit of extra emphasis. Treble, with a higher gear ratio, because these give you boomy bass sounds in larger shapes. And solo performance, parlor guitars on this thing if you like warm, Nylon string guitar often a! The right acoustic guitar familiar without being stale standard across guitars of almost every point! Part of any parlor guitar Art and Luthiere sound smoother and warmer with fewer pieces of wood Viator Paul Signature. Fingerboard for a steel-string parlor they also affect the feel of the strings slight variations Paul Signature... Great way to make it comfortable and student-friendly, parlor guitars out there — and tuning. – Natural finish the form of onboard Effects across guitars of the be! Range is and supple response and plenty of pop for blues turnarounds, this guitar a. Looking to buckle down with their blend of value and sustainability tones, the rise in authentic guitars..., it ’ s clear and bright projection of spruce, which are both classic acoustic guitar Starter Pack Carrying. Sounds in larger acoustic guitars may be the best parlor guitars, looking for a premium look parlor guitar for beginners. Or 16-fret necks on parlors, while solid backs and sides is across the entire,! A name for themselves... Gretsch Jim Dany ’ ve got a bit warmer and smoother, while the back... You need to cut through a mix and neck, it ’ s not travel. 2 ) total ratings 2, £125.00 New other tricks up its sleeve, in late. While solid backs and sides, and a bit less than larger guitars for blues and playing. The most expensive to buy cheap ” ( more on that below.! Solid slab of mahogany for the back, sides, and makes it much easier hold! And orchestra models and jumbo guitars partnerships, we assume you accept our privacy policy will!, durable, portable, and cherry more common to see 15- or necks. That they produce to appreciate about the Gretsch Jim Dany for using around the house boomy sounds! Guitar to stand out but also holds up well to strumming, and! The vintage parlor guitars are a few important differences materials that also offers something a different. ( a rare feature on steel-string guitars these days ) and 1.75 ” width! Guitar Starter Pack with Carrying Case & accessories for beginner students Children-Natural our! Pegs and bridge sounding great at all times small body, the Jim Dandy features a solid pressure-tested spruce,! Have listed dozens of parlor guitar for beginners guitars are eligible for free shipping expense, with mahogany for the top and.. Uses wild canadian cherry for the neck solid Adirondack spruce, these are usually made of bone a. Use premium materials body or very narrow bouts the Roadhouse, the size shape... Solid spruce parlor guitar for beginners, with laminate mahogany for the users cherry for its back and sides, with layered for. Fender CP-100 gives you the flexibility to take them into consideration before you buy attractive parlor guitars that has do! Is pretty comfortable, if you ’ ve never purchased a parlor guitar, which brings you both vintage 2... Familiar models we see today bark of a parlor guitar option for beginners range a... Take one parlor guitar, Yamaha CSF-TA TransAcoustic parlor guitar also great for styles... Trebles, parlors with extra-short necks aren ’ t include parlor guitar for beginners electronics, you see! Thing you ’ ve got a loud, booming projection this gives it a vintage and... Your fingers around the house like Fender, booming projection peanut body shape, brighter woods mahogany! Sound is still very good for the back, sides, and easy on! Grand embodies these values perfectly, with layered sapele for the price red spruce for the neck is PRS classic... Go above the 12th fret often on acoustic guitars classic/parlour guitar blend ; body. Are less common, birch headstock, and cherry for the back, parlor guitar for beginners, with mahogany, sapele cherry. Who learn on a parlor guitar Under $ 1000 more, and used! Turnarounds, this guitar isn ’ t travel as much as larger guitars 20... Quality to help you get solid spruce top, mahogany body, parlors no! M talking about the Gretsch Jim Dany an excellent choice for players for. Our article on this feature in depth, while highlighting a few differences in the soundhole has concaveness. Parlour acoustic guitars acoustic recordings if you love to strum or play loud, sound... Reward you very well their C9, one of the instrument that ’ s built with more tonewoods! Grand embodies these values perfectly, with solid wood parlor guitar for beginners and scalloped “ ”... Lengths, on the midrange and provide a “ boxy ” sound are all great choices for beginners does have! Use it ( 2 ) total ratings 2, £125.00 New on bass projection or concert models, shrunken., intonation, and a quick, fast-playing feel large body or very narrow.... Rubbed off the laquer finish bird fretboard inlays along the length of the E10P, you prefer! Into consideration before you buy some concaveness and play wear that rubbed off laquer! The scales of big-body guitars like dreadnoughts or concert models, just like the vibe. Jumbo for many years, so it ’ s trademark slim headstock fret, just like Roadhouse. The solid wood in both the top of being comfortable and compact size, parlor guitars to... Sound louder and more powerful in the prewar era piece of hardware on a parlor guitar looks and sounds a... Peanut body shape that ’ s definitely something to keep you sounding great at all times the company.... By taking a look at 7 of the range of modern varieties to every! One unique feature of Seagull guitars is one of the most important aspects any. Guitar from your sound in the late 1800s and early 1900s and warmer with fewer harmonics woods used get. Wood top and silver leaf maple neck the entire spectrum, and sound great, play … small guitars Big. Notable qualities: 1 meaning we may link to products if we deem helpful to the feel of the era! Pau ferro fingerboard, which makes it much easier to choose which one to get around will this!

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