This mandates the requirement for all NHS hospitals to develop and maintain a food and drink strategy. •Might have to average month’s worth of information and then Barts are the most generous, spending £15.65 per patient per day, while Gateshead Health NHS foundation spend just £2.94 per patient per day… How was this answer reached? This can be used to divide the total food cost which is $13,200. Reviews raw food cost per patient day. The total cost per day in order to feed the residents for that month will amount of $425.80. ... meals a day and their average cost per patient … You may want to know the process that was followed. Ontario’s hospitals feed patients three meals and two snacks a day on an estimated budget of less than $8 per day per patient, excluding labour costs. Hospital food has traditionally had a bad reputation, and for good reason. Calculates the raw food cost per meal. The average cost of giving a patient a decent breakfast, lunch and evening meal every day has risen by £1.10 from £8.77 to £9.87, according to the Department of Health. If the practice saw 50 patients per day for 30 days in June, the total number of patients seen that month would have been 1,500. NEW figures reveal a postcode lottery on food, with five acute hospitals spending less than £4 per patient per day on grub and a further nine less than £5. The month of January has 31 days. Hospital Food Standards Panel – Summary Cost Benefit Analysis Background . It can be either per financial year or calendar year, whichever way your system records it - but please make clear which one you are providing in your response. $3.87 is the right answer to this question. So, if you had 90 occupied beds in June, and typically 10% are double occupied, the calculation would be ((90+9) x 30) = 2,970 resident days. The cost of providing food to patients at your trust for the years 2015/16 and 2016/17. In August 2014, The Hospital Food Standards Panel published a series of recommendations to be included in the 2015/16 NHS Standard Contract. Please can this data be expressed in terms of the average cost per patient per day. View all Focus on Formula videos HERE. Raw Food Cost Per Patient Day. You would then take the monthly expense (i.e., raw food costs of $18,500) and divide by the number of days (2,970) to calculate the PRD ($18,500 / 2,790) = $6.23 raw food costs PRD. RAW FOOD COST WORKSHEET Total Meals: Add the month’s “daily meal count “ together and record the monthly total for each meal type ... •Labor Cost Per Day –Employee Hours per day •Assumes that employees are working every day. By contrast South Tees Hospital Trust appeared to be spending £15.47 per patient per day on food while Barts and the London spent £15.65. In a very unsophisticated model, we would simply take the number of patients for the month and divide that into $100,000 to get the cost per patient.

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