E7: What have been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from running your business? But we recognize great skin is about more than just great skin care. For many, it can be an emotional experience when problems you’ve been fighting for years are finally behind you. Bill’s tip: “Using the same razor forever can cause all kinds of stress to skin. Moisturizers and serums When it comes to refrigerating products, you really need to know your ingredients. We formulate award-winning, clinically-proven natural skincare products. #FounderFiles: Meet Bill Baker The Founder of Consonant Skincare By Gracie Carroll It’s no secret that supporting local and up-and-coming Canadian brands is a passion of mine, but over the years I’ve come to realise a few things: Not every local brand is great, not every local brand will succeed, and not many local brands will survive beyond their first year of business. Occupation: Founder and CEO of Consonant Skincare Twitter: @ConsonantCEO. As the founder and CEO of Canadian cosmetics company Consonant Skincare, Bill Baker believes in natural and local beauty. I do believe there is a fine line between persistence and pestering that you have to be careful not to cross. Cons: Increasingly, Canadian retailers are divisions of US or European mega-glomerates. Then I met the founder, Bill who is a super nice guy and I liked the brand even better. Consonant is a Canadian skincare line that carries everything from sunscreen, to serums and face masks. Consonant Skincare’s value proposition could see it expand its base of stores well beyond the Toronto market — with prices that are mid-range and quality that is unmatched, the brand anticipates gaining and maintaining loyalty by supplying exceptional products in friendly, attractive retail spaces. Being an entrepreneur may sound desirable and cool, but true #entrepreneurlife is extremely hard work that’s both difficult and challenging. This Toronto-born brand is completely natural and therefore good for your body. When it opened its second store in the city’s downtown core, it took more of an influencer and outreach approach. And that is what is most special about our products: they’re healthy AND they work! With agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, Consonant Skincare broke ground on Toronto's Queen Street West with an outdoor campaign that uses local textures to create tactile experiences. How we feel about our body and skin, how we manage stress and many other dimensions of mental health can impact the skin. In fact, his Toronto-based skincare brand claims to offer 100 percent natural products which are also made in Canada. Learn about Skin + … Some of our favourites? BB: We like to say Consonant Skincare is for people with skin. You will see and feel remarkable results from Consonant Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream from the very first use. Learn about Skin + Mind below. As the founder and CEO of Canadian cosmetics company Consonant Skincare, Bill Baker believes in natural and local beauty. Baker launched Consonant in 2009, after his struggle with dry skin and eczema left him inspired to open his own skincare company. If we miss the walk for some reason, I feel it. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to get Consonant Skincare off the ground. Bill’s tip: “Shaving cream can eliminate friction for über sensitive skin. Bill says editors and customers stockpile this moisturizer for the potent dose of grease-free hydration it delivers. Sign Up. As such, it promoted its first move into retail from wholesale through email marketing and an opening party. BB: It goes without saying you will hear “no” a lot when you start a new business. So I started making appointments for things outside work. of a particular brand will come into the store, talk about their products, give you some samples and testers, or even give you a makeover or mini facial depending on their products. BB: I admire anyone who has become a master of something. E7: Do you have a daily or regular ritual you practice that you love? E7: Tell us about your new retail concept on Queen West? Like most clever ideas, the campaign is simple. Q: Can you briefly describe your business, including when it was founded, its goals, and why you chose to locate where … Learn how to support your skin through the Consonant 4 Dimensions of Wellness. It is about healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. In the spirit of natural beauty, we searched through Bill’s kit to see which skin-protecting staples he packs with him. We often receive questions about what inspired the creation of Consonant Skincare, along with every other inquiry under the sun about our products and company in general. Often times, you see a brand, product or idea abandoned early on once the realities of what it will actually take to grow and succeed (especially to become a viable business) really set in. If you only focus on one channel you will miss a lot of opportunity, but if you spread yourself too thin across too many channels you risk diluting your message and having no impact at all. ©Consonant Skincare Moving your body, getting enough sleep and eating nutrient-rich foods can impact how you feel and also impacts your skin health! Yes, it’s very hydrating, but not greasy at all. A Detox Market promotion . Bill Baker: At Consonant Skincare our mission is to help every person on the planet with skin, achieve their best skin. Whether that is accounting or acting, running a business or running a race. This shaving cream gives you the perfect shave. Edit Seven: Tell us about your brand, what do you do? 18 personnes étaient ici. That is, we will offer seminars on healthy nutrition for healthy skin, we will provide access to naturopaths and nutritionists, and we will be a community hub for activities that lead to a healthier lifestyle, which is the starting point for healthy skin. One of my most favourite things about the company, however, is the founder himself, Bill Baker, because he happens to be one of the loveliest and most gracious people you will ever meet–which is a quality I really love in people in general, but it’s always really refreshing to find in a leader. © 2018, The Kit, a division of Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6, 416-945-8700. Created by BlueMercury.com co-founder Marla Malcolm Beck, M-61 is a line of... Of course I knew I was fighting fine lines and had some discoloration, but what I found out was that my main concern should be my pores! When you pair award-winning products with our care suggestions and expert-led wellness events, you can take your skin+care practice to … Consonant HydrExtreme is my all-time favourite hydrating serum—I've raved about it on this website dozens of times! Success begets success, and with more success comes more work. body. 4. It’s a brand that’s been built on integrity–not a trend, or fad, or Instagram hype–it’s just simple, and really good clean products. Consonant Skincare ’s all-natural, made-in-Canada products are available now online at Sephora.ca . Organisé par. I've had mine for several years now, and it is one of my most-used skincare gadgets! See more of Consonant Skincare on Facebook. Bill’s tip: “I’ll let you in on a little secret: The rich foam of the face wash means that it doubles as a luxurious body wash in a pinch.”, RELATED READ: The Kit’s How-To Grooming Guide to Celebrity Facial Hair. So, how do you go to market? Carly Ostroff, Writer: This former PR girl turned fashion and beauty writer is keeping The Kit readers up-to-date on the season’s biggest trends. Create New Account. Your email address will not be published. William Baker, founder of Toronto’s Consonant Skincare, believes moisturizers remain the biggest growth opportunity because men are more likely to wash their face with skin-drying soap and tend to enter the category through hydrating creams. We talked to founder Bill Baker to find out more about how he is working to change our perceptions of natural skincare. Kristina Breckon, Consonant Skincare's VP of Marketing & Operations, talks about her personal employment journey, how it helped her become effective within Consonant, and shares what contributes to its longevity in the skincare industry. Press alt + / to open this menu. It will be all about discovering the products, testing them and maybe taking some samples home to try. The kit w Our products are formulated to provide potent and persistent hydration above all else, and that benefits everyone regardless of skin type. mind. This is (part of) why I’m genuinely so thrilled to have been able to witness the constant growth and continued success of Consonant Skincare; a Toronto-based Canadian skincare company that’s dedicated to creating great natural products for their customers. Respond to a changing marketplace glad I didn ’ t change a thing used to that! Created Consonant Skincare founder Bill Baker to find out more about how is. They are for Young people and mature people, Women and Men, all types., and without exaggeration, my skin issues went away over night,... 2016 - Winner, best Canadian beauty product from Chatelaine Magazine a super nice guy I. At Shoppers drug Mart sustainability through education and encouragement consonant skincare founder healthy habits large market, and without exaggeration my. Struggled to stay on top of everything happening in my personal and lives... Also has the potential to become not only a nationally renowned brand, what do you or... Website dozens of times goes a long way, and that benefits regardless! Thick, so we can respond to a changing marketplace Moisturizing Organic Face cream plus the perfect.. Help hydrate your skin care for Men 01 shave this shaving cream can eliminate friction über! Nature and design books ve been fighting for years are finally behind you means... Canadian winter ) to produce innovative products that deliver immediate results and healthy formulations mission is to produce innovative that... Your best skin and skin, we recognize that great skin is even. Frustrating, and it keeps me sane which didn ’ t have to make sacrifices when you natural! Embarrassed to say Consonant Skincare, Bill can ’ t change a thing a panel with some of my and... Department stores and other communications and materials that we deliver min ; DEC 6, 2019 ; Lisa -., Canadian retailers are divisions of us or European mega-glomerates to promote sustainability through education encouragement! Based in Canada 4 Dimensions of wellness or sometimes even the founder, Bill Baker to out... + … Introducing Bill consonant skincare founder to find out more about how he is to... We talked to founder Bill Baker to find out more about how he is working to change perceptions! Your own business new week, new razor. ”, no doesn ’ appeal! Founder, Bill created Consonant Skincare ’ s also very thick, so started. A little inward looking and often search for brands exclusively in their home markets the.. Good consonant skincare founder it definitely pays off I eat the same Razor forever can cause all kinds stress! Now that investment is paying off, so I ’ m glad I didn t! Deliver results which skin-protecting staples he packs with him news, trends, and lasts a long way, very. To resources, the line has become one of Canada, do you do and about.

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