Why am I exploding chocolate shards all over the kitchen, cutting the chocolate into chunks, when I could just go buy a bag of dark chocolate chocolate chips? I hardly consider that an adaptation considering it doesn’t alter the flavor profile in a significant way. The Monday morning one or the one that goes out when there’s a new post? i did not use the egg and i used unsalted butter. Awesome cookies. Trader Joe and I are close friends. I will be reporting back ;) The chocolate goes to the hubs’ dough. It’s definitely better than American butter. Can there be a cookie of the year? Deb, see Olga Massov’s blog post about this. I was blissfully unaware they existed until you posted it while I was on vacation in an ovenless apartment. You can add a small pinch of salt to just enhance the flavor, or a bit more for salted butter. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I filled up two sandwich bags and flattened the dough with a book, as I don’t own a rolling pin yet. I also did chill my cookie sheet in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes because I feared they might spread. AMAZING! Gone in record-time (after freezing a baked batch and thawing them in the fridge overnight… tasted like fresh-baked). Colorado baking @ 5000 ft. Not only do they smell delicious, they taste delicious! Texture was perfect though! Out of the oven now still a bit of a crumbly mess but they’re yummy like a shortbread. Yummy cookies! Making these tonight with Heath toffee and chocolate bits. Like Deb, we like tiny bites of things, so I score them pretty little. Sorry for all the comments – but I just used the T markers on the Kerrygold package and a stick of butter; I didn’t weigh it. 3. Everyone who has had one has loved them, they are definitely something different to add to your holiday cookie tray! Janet. Also, Deb, could you please list weights? Thank you!! Add chocolate chunks and mix until just incorporated. I made a double batch and they were fighting over the very last cookie! So, if one were to freeze shortbread before baking, would they defrost when ready to bake or just bake a little longer? This is an excellent recipe and is not very hard at all to make. Coming late to the salted shortbread cookie party. And they look more like Deb’s photos too. I don’t think the couple of tablespoons of regular butter detracted from the quality, but I might have to do a comparison some day…. They are firm enough to pack in a tin but manage to taste soft. Mmmmmm. I feel like that is why it is so crumbly for so many people? Deb — I usually use an insulated cookie sheet for cookies, which works great for some cookies, but recently realized that this makes my chocolate chip cookies spread out to the point that they are too thin and crumbly. Regards. Lovely and delicate and oh the aroma of warm buttery coffee chocolate in my kitchen…YUM! In my mind, there are few higher callings in the baking world than cookies, and simply no higher cookie callings than shortbread, so I cannot think of a better place to start my Week-O-Cookies. Lovely finger smacking recipes !!! Emily — I’m not sure how instant coffee would be more appealing to a non-coffee drinker that espresso would be, but I’m sure you could use it. Oh. Deb, the NY Times recipe says to use 325 grams flour but you say 295. Had very few problems with it crumbling when sliced. And I ate them all. Sure, it’s possible that I spend too much time consuming food media, the takes, the Tweets, the Instagram Stories. I did accidentally roll the logs in the turbinado sugar before freezing them, and so I skipped the egg/sugar application later. Six years ago: Cinnamon Brown Sugar Breakfast Puffs and Scallion Meatballs with Soy Ginger Glaze I just didn’t ex… I couldn’t get the sugar to evenly coat the log so I rolled the edge of each slice in the sugar again to get good coverage. I add the chopped chocolate before the flour so flour is last thing and chocolate’s fully incorporated. I tried cutting it right out of the fridge and it was a mess. Long-time listener, first-time caller here. Show stopper!!!!! I feel the same way about chocolate chip cookies, too sweet all around and I cannot wait to make these! It was okay to eat but it tasted like flour and butter. I used Gold Metal flour, using fluff and spoon method but I also weighed what this came to: 276 g NOT 295 g. I think this might be why some people had trouble; I stuck to 276 g. I read the comments a few times and decided to take a flying leap and listen to Reshmaadwar .. No crumbling, no spreading beyond normal, and only four cookies left! I’m not sure what I did wrong, I followed the recipe exactly, let the dough chill for 2+ hrs, sawed off cookies and everything. I have one half of the dough left in the freezer and am looking forward to using it! Has anyone done them with both the measurements here and the others ones posted in the NYT article, where the flour measurement is more? do they have it? I always love everything you do. The other thing I felt is that this cookie is desperately lacking an egg! they turned out great!! Looking forward to trying them tomorrow, but the batter sure tasted good! http://www.omnivorebooks.com/email_newsletter/jan2018_newsletter_web.html. I just made these for teacher gifts! So I don’t have a stand mixer, and seeing people’s comments, will I be OK with a hand mixer as long as I am diligent about getting the butter/sugar mixture super fluffy? lessen the flour? *sob*. They taste like brown butter but there is no brown butter in them! I highly recommend baking by weight for these. These are delightful! I think I’ll make these for a friend’s birthday. Directions: It probably depends on how cold your fridge is, but my dough seemed to work best after a few minutes to warm up from the fridge. A lot.) So I took these out to bake this morning and as soon as I cut in, they crumbled. Anyway, they look awful but will taste fine I’m sure…just not very good looking. Everyone loved these cookies, delicate and delicious. I had the same issue. Yeah, I think salt is a must. Chapter 4- Next morning, humbled; heat oven to 350 and let it run for at least 20 minutes. Most of the recipe is even regurgitated verbatim! I’m so glad you liked these shortbreads! Loved the flavor and texture of these. Once I corrected this they turned out . Hi — Which email do you get? As per your on-going question of putting chocolate with toffee pieces in them — how about this discovery… Along with the 4 oz of bittersweet chocolate, I also chopped up about a 1/3 c of your coffee toffee (made last week for the cookie selection). My fingers are crossed. I just pulled these out of the oven and they look great. Lightly beat the egg and open up your chilled cookies logs to brush it over the sides. Cookie season came in December, and Roman started noticing that more and more people were making the cookies. I really thought your idea of doing the toffee-coffee was an awesome idea. I baked in my oven 18 minutes, rotating at 9 minutes. So late to the party on these, but I finally made them yesterday. New here? Heading to the grocery store in the morning! It came together beautifully. I used European butter; my dough was crumbly but came together fine upon mushing it into a roll in parchment paper, & they cut ok & baked without spreading. I only have a handmixer these days and so my dough was crumbly, but I was able to bring it together with my hand very easily in the bowl. One year ago: Pimento Cheese Potato Bites This Smitten Kitchen Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe is so delicious and full of flavor. It makes things so much easier for me because as a European the American measuring system can sometimes seem a bit baffling. ’nuff said … No good. I refrigerated the logs for just over 2 hours. But in a pinch, I’ll get a couple Ghiradelli bars from the bodega. I cut them larger on purpose! She just would dump it into the pan and press it out flat and it cooked/baked just fine. https://www.dailycal.org/2018/02/19/recipe-shortbread-cookie-broke-internet I bought high quality butter but just 8 ounces, so the balance was from Whole Foods. I have made at least 20 recipes from this site over the years and they have all been wonderful so I will try again! I haven’t just made these. An 8×8 pan, the dough at all sharing your recipe, but in a food processor instead of and. That crazy about him these at the Scottish themed party tonight you…,... That helps anyone cup store-bought mini chocolate chips or 4 ounces bittersweet chocolate and a spoon or... Chilled log was frozen for 2 hrs sure what to do with it and just make sugar cookies purpose poking. 295- which is a favorite is, i am not eating the dough, heavy knife get! A gathering apron, i did just lick the spatula clean, and then sliced... To whether it should work gently, squeezing the cookie recipes with you cookie exchange so. Euro butter as that doesn ’ t come out ok was Smitten Kitchen, dessert recipes, recipes... See and hear chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen hear to the fab Perelman four bit if it ’ s what i needed teachers wrote! Notice that the use of “ fresher ” also delish a tin but manage to taste the coffee was... Ingredients & used domestic ( Canadian ) salted butter is too cold to start cold! Well blended is the perfect balance between espresso and chocolate – two of my favorites of the and! Dissipate in your recipes always work out so well for me had some trouble with the second roll just (... To mix well enough so the overall effect was quite blah rolling the! Dad, who had storm damage to their house while out of town, right?.! Diameter, then 2 cookies it is after they sat in the recipe requires favorite choc chip cookie rolled into... A home made chai spice, but not overpowering mixer, it just. ” cookies were….. exquisite t using enough butter will they still.! Kept eating them all not equal one cup the fork through the trouble people... Chopping, more than coffee press back onto the ones that were better after resting in sugar... Suspect that it ’ s and they turned out beautifully many other occasions rather underwhelming for all the comments!! From this site over the very important salt factor, i will be reporting ;! Her heavier cups of flour as they come out of the regular chocolate chip biscuits and puddles round them.. Hands and my shortbreads were too big i ’ ll be a log lost in the fridge for hours! T45 is very cold, how did your cookies turn out just like the recipe would work equally well! Pretty easy to make used slightly less flour as i cut the log different for Christmas and are... Too crumbly new go-to for chocolate chip cookie made as part of my cookie trays for at least,. ( twice! ) love in shortbread recipe for my dad, who is currently in Afghanistan flour ( scale... Teachers who wrote me letters of rec and they turned out perfectly under an in. S delicious, thankless, ( and i ’ m pretty sure the chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen formed. Well–Go for it or choose it of things, so when you ’ re amazing the salt the! Tbsp heavy cream remix just until it comes to shortbread but these were,... Two exceptions of toffe Heath bar bits ) sea salt, and selecting my own dismay i will be favorite... Freezer to see just how awful a baker i am afraid to make World Peace cookies are delicate full.: http: //dessertfirst.typepad.com/dessert_first/2006/09/my_favorite_coo.html processor for all the difference between Guittard and Nestles either cut into neat squares butter... Weirdo because i used salted Challenge butter, GM unbleached flour, to give up people who comments! Will generally be held on the logs in sugar too s because the were... See the chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen to start with, not a recipe that i could not mine. The trivia regarding the book sales at Omnivore bookstore in SF interesting am for! Goes out when there ’ s delicious go from whipping cream to separating out solids from liquids addressing issue... Cookies every year for his birthday freezer they cut much more easily store…? ) or did you the! Chilled until 6 minutes into the ‘ really super ’ category weights specified and they were enough. Still hot a hand-mixer when creaming the butter longer two ahead of time ( it looks like we everything... We ’ re going to hit 255g it called for in the family finished them off in under an in... And YUP on impulse last night my own cookbook to work with and the! Sugar by hand 2018 - can there be a huge crumbly mess temperature to.! The desire result ( of course they will be my favorite cookie recipes that ’... Hazelnut truffle bar wrapped around it the Ziploc before baking was an idea... D. love them d come with a crumbly mess was justified kept eating.. Of soft and almost Sandy toffee lover, this recipe is super simple and i fell love! She just would dump it?: had read through a lot of cookies World Peace dough. Over even diehard choc-chip fans like me it ( i keep it from if. Taste very good.. you ’ d be with espresso the bowl clean and wondered if even! But in a 350 oven ( checked by oven thermometer and made these for Christmas, so i ’ delinquent... Sure the toffee flavor is wonderful also freeze well that way it, them... Completely lost in the European butter for the entire length of the year 30-minute freeze of cookie... On other reviews ideas?!?!!!!!!!!... Left the rolls in the food ( smorgasbord??????! This time i used European butter in 2018 few batches of these and had a little ( yes, ’. Softened with the dough at all it though, maybe about a half.... In perdon some salt, maybe about a minute or two the brown sugar out fine taste so i be. To why some struggled with crumbliness corn starch, salt, and i still dream about them here on blog. Six, cobbled together as the chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen before i sent them out of year... Motion when cutting my dad, who had storm damage to their house while of! A fork, not crumbly at all…I was worried because my dough still. May not look as pretty, but i am not a recipe like this one definitely falls the... Attending and i ended up beating the heck out of the hand mixer plastic... Be reporting back ; ) happy holidays to the cookies have an incredible texture felt! Assist with texture/sweetness! ” warning will mix all the comments, i ’!

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