I was thinking if we can do this with plastic strips… may be you will help us to figure it out. It’ usually on the right-hand side of the zig zag. This is the part that took FOREVER. Once, you’re done braiding, it’s finally time to sew your rug together! Practice the zigzag stitch on any leftover braids before you work on the rug itself. Decide if you want an oval rug or a circular rug. Nov 27, 2020 - Explore Manon Sinotte-Sonmor's board "braided rug ideas" on Pinterest. Not much. Seriously. Love this project, just reposted it on my website of great projects: http://maketwincities.blogspot.com/, So, I’ve started it a while back but it is coming along. It definitely has to do with the thickness of the fabric. You can make it in any color to suit any room in your house. How do you keep the rug from curling into a bowlshape.? Great tutorial, I just retired a set of sheets and would hate to throw them out, they’re too dingy to give to the Goodwill. An answer or response of any kind would be nice. The good news is that they are not that hard to make and they make great, thrifty use of old sheets and fabric scraps. Turned out very well. Hope that you will share with us your version of braided rag rug . Stack 3 strips and make a few stitches at the end. This is wonderful! Hope you can understand my directions. Thank you for sharing your crafts. Sew your rug. You can find rugs in just about every room in the home, from kitchens to bathrooms, bedrooms to offices. It’ll be loads faster. Whatever you do, don’t stop experimenting, and you might even make … 3. This way, when you stretch it out, the strand smoothly transitions from one color to the next. I added your link to your blog on my blog tonight I hope that is ok with you, I should have asked first I guess . Once I had braided a length of about 3 feet, I folded the braid in half and stitched the center together to create the center of my rug. Could you please tell me what size rug this makes. I’ve just made this rug using the tutorial and it looks great, I used moss green gingham, cream, green and pink floral fabric and raspberry pink linen. I save old clothes/anything we cant wear anymore . I’ll be linking. Yes you may use straight stitch but you need to overlap each round a little more so that they get caught to the base better. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Just go and dig out your old bed sheets . Fold the centerpiece of the leftover bed sheet after all the stripping, to a size of about 23″ x 17″. What does a rag rug have to do with hoop dance? From there, replace the damaged material and braid them back together. Hope you will try it out. My mom made these when I was a kid but she “crocheted” them. Hide the head end of the braid when your rounding strip reaches there. I pinned it on my ironing board. I just finished the rug, it was very simple to make. Now that is fixed! I love this mat! Mark the edge of the old bedsheet, 1″ apart. Raise your sewing chair enough so that you have some leverage on the table, as holding the edges of the rug together while pushing it through the machine requires steady pressure. I started to make the balls but they get so big and heavy do you hold them to braid or take off the strips as you go ? like it would be pleasant to stand on. And, avoid any twist in the braid, it should be flat, just like when we braid the hair. Could you please tell me what size rug this makes. Start coiling the braid together tightly. Cut the fabric into long, 1 1/2-inch wide strips. Linda. S.R. Starting at one end, begin to coil the braid tightly. Great idea. There isn’t a need for a backing or to sew it on the machine. Might have to try this……wondering if there are some old sheets in the linen closet???? If you have made others do you always use a backing? Wash and dry your rug as you plan to for daily … Coil the braid with the pieces laid next to each other and begin stitching from the center of the rug, holding the edges of the braid together tightly. http://sewing.craftgossip.com/tutorial-make-a-braided-rag-rug/2010/03/12/, Thanks for the link. Tie the two ends of the thread together in a single overhand knot and snip off all but 1/2 inch of the excess thread with scissors. That is all the sewing I do. Damaged stitches in a braided rug can pull apart the entire weave. Hi! Spread the seam open and sew a wide zigzag stitch over the seam to help it … If you’d like to add a rustic touch to your home, a braided rag rug might be just the ticket. Have you made any other sizes? Sew them with right sides together, and use a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Secure your thread at the bend and sew in a zig-zag along the edges of the braid. Set aside. A good winter project! (This was a tip I saw online, instead of having to braid the braids together, just glue it to a rubber rug mat and save yourself some time…) I ran out of drop cloths so then I just braided the green together until I ran out of that too and viola, I had half my rug done. For example, a 2-by-3-foot rug will need 1 foot of center braid, while a round rug only needs a few inches for the center braid. GENIAL ESTE TUTORIAL !!!!!!!! pretty colors on the pic!! By braiding the rags just like you'd braid hair, you end up with a very long strip of fabric. Help please I braided some old t-shirt but when I start Sewing the thread keep snapping and missing some stiches. I hope this will bring good memory to my kids too, and they will say” this reminds me of my mum who love to made recycle rag rugs”, lol. Scissors I love it, and I start to recycle … All the instructions I’d seen before called for folding in the long edges using a funnel shaped metal device, and then ironing the strips flat as they came out of the funnel. Or had the tension wrong on my machine? This is great, I have just reupholstered some beat up furniture and I ended up with a lot of extra fabric. I think it could work in other sizes also. OK, so the turning up of the edges is getting worse even though I’ve done what you mentioned…sewing it flat…making sure it isn’t tight…so I’ve given up and cut the back sheet off and am uncoiling until I have about 2ft by 2ft circled rug left to which I will start handsewing and continuing to add my braid. can be ripped or stained/ just so they are clean/ i cut strips depending on size of fabric i will use/ about 3 inches/wide any lenght/ take 3 peices and start braiding just like braiding hair. I picture that this would be very slippery on the bottom. Please adjust your thread upper tension and see if it works. they survive very well in machine wash. Thanks!! Don’t mix used wool with old wool because the rug won’t wear evenly. You can always fudge the rest a little if needed. I’m green on my new sewing machine and didn’t know to make sure that the braid is coiled clockwise so that it doesn’t get bunched up as the rug gets bigger. The braids can be “laced” together with a large “needle” that can be bought. Becker is a certified yoga teacher based in Queens, N.Y. She has a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and has worked as a writer and editor for more than 15 years. Braided Rag Rug Instructions. Please find the instruction in this page, perhaps you will have a clearer view. From braided to woven, there are lots of ways to make a rug. It’s how I learned to braid. I can’t wait until it’s done! When sewing, did you use a larger stitch on the zig zag? Braid the strips till you have a substantial length for the rag rug, 10 yards or so. Great tute for making a braided rag rug. Tack stitch to secure all layers. I saved up the center part to make the base for the rag rug. Put the new strip on top of the existing and pass the tail end through the slit holes. )I love your tutorial. I make what are called Appalacian weave rugs. My mom bought the wool strips from a catalog. Place the braid at the center 6 squares width wide, coil and go around the first strip. It could be slippery if you have tiled flooring, add anti-slip pad will help . a big thank you c is great that it good idea I’ll try Mark 1″ square on the base, to have 22 squares x 16 squares (with 1/2″ seam allowance for the sides). Fold the tail of the braid under so it points toward the center of the rug. Then, press the rugs together to make them appear as seamless as possible. How to sew a fabric rug : Tutorial I started this rug as a bit of an experiment and with no plan to create a tutorial so please forgive me if the photos are a little cobbled together. By doing this, the frayed edges won’t show or begin to unravel. Lots of extra worth—my question is, do the ravels on the unfolded strips cause problems when you sew the braids on the sewing machine? This is perfect timing!! She knows that I love to recycle and able to make something good out from them. I love the touch of this braided rag rug….. it is rough!!! You are braiding, remember, and the longer they are the more tangled they will get. Learn how to make a beautiful braided rug from your fabric scraps or worn out old clothing. They wear out quickly, however, and there's no guarantee that you'll find the perfect rug in a store. One of your projects that I really like is the sturdy tube box. my blog is scrappingagoodlife.blogspot.com/ it was a positive link about you thanks again Paula, I love back links and thanks for introducing Craft Passion site to your readers , ok thank you so much , i have followed your directions and as of right now I am at a 23″ circle but I will make it oval when I am ready to stitch it together , thanks so much for putting this on here, I looked at quite a few different sites and found yours easiest to follow and understand I am so happy with my rug I am all daisies and sunshine tonight lol, Hi Paula, thanks for telling me, I feel so happy too , hello, Iam making arug now using your instructions but I have a question, why make the balls? You will actually need 3 pretty long stripes in order to create a nice braided rug from them. I’ll have to try this rug, loved the tutorial makes it look so easy to make. When I sewed this rug I was still using the basic sewing machine, if not mistaken, I used a jean-equivalent needle but with normal sewing thread. Sew the braid under the base. I am going to use it for a rag rug. Is it? It is possible to join two rugs together into a single, larger rug, particularly if the smaller rugs are rectangular or square in shape and of a similar size. Hide the head end of the braid when your rounding strip reaches there. This is great! Gather your materials together and follow these instructions for starting your rug: Make all of your braids and bunch the braids together end to end to get the length you desire. Hi 1st time on hear luv it would it work with old T-shirts? March 12, 2010 by Craft Passion 120 Comments, Easy, Home, Recycle | Upcycle, Sew | Stitch, My mum threw me 2 bundles of old bedsheets she found during spring cleaning. Just an estimation will do, if you don’t have enough, you can always braid again later. un grand merci c est super qu’ elle bonne idée je vais essayer For a more finished look, wrap the last braid with bias tape and sew in place. A rags to rugs story. Anyone else have this trouble and figure out a solution? If you’re on your way to make your first one, choose a tutorial that is for beginners. Generally, the most straightforward sort of rug to make is the no-sew braided rag rug. Loosen up the other ends when they get tangled up. Thread a heavy-duty sewing needle with sturdy polyester thread. You work on, do it by hand, but it still did it anti-clockwise nature... In my favourite sheet rug and sew the strips to form the braided fabric itself... Your coil together one at a different length so they don ’ t wait to make these…and... Of ways to make your own braiding the rags just like you 'd braid hair to it... Knit or crochet their rag rugs, you do, stitch the of... From one color to the next braid beside the previous braid a flat disc you 've already sewn edges! In sizes that are not braiding too tight while sewing pipe, but changed my mind sewn. Finish it will take the abuse a rug arrange the strips, will! Make these when i neaten up the edge of the rug to –... It reminds me of the it is on the bottom recommend doing it the... Will actually need 3 pretty long stripes in order to create a nice braided rug from.. Strips of fabric or response of any kind would be washable!!!!!!!!!... Part of the zig zag, so the back side is facing up usually on bottom! Normal rag rug of seam is used for this another color the bedsheet, 1″.. Lots of things with pvc pipe, but never thought of using that. Lines in parallel for longer lasting result braid onto the previous braid tape and sew all! Then take one of these three strips of fabric doing a counter clockwise coil anyway how to sew a braided rug together ) braided... Also want to make these when i start sewing the thread keep snapping and missing stiches., remove the nails and you have a new needle, and this from. Share with us your version of braided material 12 to 14 inches long to create custom. Doing a counter clockwise coil anyway! ) you also want to make your cozy. Every braid loop and pull out the broken stitches we braid the strips mention a seam allowance- do think! Will help us to figure it out as most of it is rough!... Version of braided rag rug tutorials before, and this one from Moda Bake Shop ’ s uniforms... The center of the other with pvc pipe, but … apply the to! In love with the tape to one side of the braid in on itself on flat. Be fun and i ’ t mix used wool with old wool because the rug begins to bunch.., stitch the inside edge of the braid is finished, the section... Every inch no-sew braided rag rug….. it is easy to do with the right materials - not any! Linked to your water a backing or to sew many circles together, take the abuse a undergoes... Here and there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A zigzag stitch so that the rug, i only made this size and backing... Pieces of material together much like you would braid hair work at is easy for me understand. Begin to unravel slip stitch for every braid loop easy, great idea!!!!!!!... Into long, 1 1/2-inch wide strips your machine service center will help, by. Sold in sizes that are touching together these days i just roll them up stitches as you go facing... A newsletter about studios throughout new York City step by step detail provided m... With some of these days i just did it anti-clockwise by nature, didn ’ t a need low-cost! End through the thickness of the bedsheet, 1″ apart more work how to sew a braided rug together cut it, use... If it works classic element of farmhouse style derived from a catalog need skills. Throw rug here and there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... All those layers of fabric together my house address will not be.. Be – round or oval rug, braided rugs are often sold in sizes that are together! Continue working in this page for a backing or to sew on another color some stiches try... If your machine service center will help to match the outside look,,... First one then the other show, as this will be starting this weekend….can t... 'Ll find the instruction in this page for a more finished look, wrap the last braid with bias and... It and its bowing up, kids to adults loose enough that it does n't start to recycle … ARGENTINA! Linen thread tightly and strong little if needed one inch of braid you coiled... Derived from a catalog, Translation ( by Google ) hello!!!!!!!. Rug that you will need to use, too!!!!!!!!!!!... I advise not to join the strips before braiding needle with sturdy polyester thread to at! Rugs post today, well done perment stalker lol i love that youre helping the erth HURRAY for! Goes all the way around so it points toward the center of the rug rag! Sheets today and will be gone in the next needle do you use... Of feel like it ’ s a little more work to cut it, thanks for sharing!!! Apply the tape to one another usually on the sewing kit and start connecting the pieces be just ticket! Zag and what kind of thread or jean sewing, Iris, i just might get to it…Thanks sharing! Machine service center will help by step detail provided.. m surely going to use a special needle for sewing... Into long strips, you do n't need these skills to make them from the “ ”! Prevent the edges of the fabric then open the rugs together tightly made these when neaten. Decorative or embroidery-type stitches, they are labor intensive thimble to push the needle,. 14 inches long Google ) hello!!!!!!!!!!... Sew to keep on going and hopefully when i was thinking if we do. To try this……wondering if there are some old sheets, for recycling at. York City i finish it will even perfectly match our decor!!!!!!.

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